Ireland Finally

I’m overdue for a post and some alone time with my computer and photos. In the last 3 months, Mike and I traveled from Seattle to Delaware, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia Atlanta, Ashville NC, Smokey Mountains, New Orleans, New York, and finally settled down in Dublin, Ireland. It had been a difficult and long process. We found ourselves in low times, high times, sick times, and finally happy times. We grew closer to each other with not a single doubt that we’d stick through it all. Dublin turns out to be a strange place to be. It’s like a bastard child of European Nations. There are some things I absolutely love about it, like its butter, cheese, meats products and the international communities here. There are things that are surprisingly terrible like its inefficiencies, especially the infamous recent ulster bank glitches. All in all, we dealt with it and moved on. We found an apartment in the city center, in which I enjoy making delicious new dishes in the modern kitchen. The latest is a Guinness beef ragu over home-made noodles. Irish butter makes my scones irresistible. We frequent the Saturday farmers market in temple bar where I forage for fresh local produce and authentic Italian buffalo cheese. Life is finally coming together. Even going to work at my new job contributes a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Months of boredom is finally way gone in the past.


Here is a photo of my favorite bridge near our apartment in the newer part of town. The bridge is called Samuel Beckett, named after the famous author. It’s shaped like a lying down harp. I just learned recently that the harp is the national symbol of Ireland, which used to be on the old flag before it became the republic. If you look carefully, this bridge is actually a draw bridge. What a brilliant design.

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