Burning Man Virgin


I have never thought that I’d go to Burning Man, let alone enjoying the whole experience. It’s one of those experiences that could change a person’s outlook in life. I went to BM this year with two of my friends. We constructed a hexa-hurt in the desert. We camped in the French Quarters with a group called the Sunset Supper Club. We volunteered and delivered playa news papers one day. We biked into the deep playa to look at art sculptures. For the most part, we wandered with no agenda and let whatever that interested us on a whim take us on to a new adventure. We found a mid-night movie shown in a secret movie theater in deep playa, ran into a wine and cheese party at a sculpture, a sunset Russian tea party, my most absolutely favorite bloody mary, out-of-the-world delicious crawfish boil at 3am in the morning, talked with artists that created some of the sculptures… the list goes on. Everyday was a different experience. I cannot forget, nor can I begin to enumerate all of the stories that took place, or the people that I met. It was then did I understand that one cannot define or describe Burning Man. “You get what you want out of it.”

The only one regret I had was not being to take as many pictures as I would have liked due to dust. I only managed to wake up one morning to shoot sunrise while my camp mates were snoozing in the yurt. To give them the credit, they did both try very hard to wake me. It was Wednesday morning. The air on the playa was clean and crisp. I hopped on my bike before I could see anything in a state of sleep walk. I passed many people dressed in all white walking towards the temple; they must have been part of the white concession. Some of the people had stayed up all night long.

The sky was already bright but the sun hasn’t risen yet. A sea of people have already gathered around the temple. I took time to shoot around this small group of temples that looked middle eastern but they were built out of cheap particle boards.
And finally, when the sun peaked out of the horizon, cheers and prayers rang through the desert. I rushed quickly towards the temple and captured the ray of sun light flooding through the gates of the temple. Bikes were abandoned everywhere. I had already done the same and gotten on foot. People were hugging, kissing each other, and dancing all around.  The dragon art car drove into the sun filled with people dancing. I saw the long chain of balloons hanging across the sky over the playa. I was immediate overcome with the feelings of joy and hope. Perhaps this was what Burning Man is all about, I thought, without actual words.


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