8 hours in Las Vegas

I dreaded the thought of spending 8 hours in Las Vegas waiting for my companion to arrive for our canyon trip. I didn’t really have any agenda except for a dinner reservation for one at the CUT, a Tom Douglas restaurant that a friend’s brother works at. To be honest, I hate the air in Vegas. As I battled my apprehension of spending 8 hours in the city, I took my time getting from the airport to the casino strip.  I took time to find a rental locker in an airport gym for my luggage. When I finally got to the casinos, the inevitable headache set in. An accidental walk into a fashion store with $1k shoes changed the day. My friendly sales person decided to play dress up with me despite of my constant pledge and excuse of I would never be able to afford any of the items. He insisted. At the end of the hour, I said to myself, maybe I could enjoy a little bit of Vegas now.

blue vegas

The highlight of the 8 hours was three hours in the restaurant CUT. Thanks to the chef, I ate to my heart’s content with bone marrow flan, a beef sashimie, a buffalo slider, and kobe beef. I have not had this much meat in a long time and nor have I been so much in heaven in a long time. The fatigue of having been traveling for a week prior melted away. My mini vacation to the SW started here.


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