Late bloomer


I never said I was smart but everyone seems to assume that way. I am a late bloomer. After 10 years of twisting journey, I turned in my PhD dissertation and passed my defense last week. Mom is relieved and I’m happy to not have her nag at me about anything any more. From here on my life is mine. And one week after the whirlwind of events, I can finally sit down and reflect. I learned a few things about myself. One of them is that I am a late bloomer. I am slower than many of my friends at a lot of things in life, getting a job, learn to bake, getting married, traveling to a country, running a race, planting a garden, buying a house, building a business… I can’t help to be interested and distracted a lot. That may make me seem less goal oriented or driven. I know that’s not true. I am just a late bloomer.

The second thing that I learned is that I have been extremely blessed in so many ways. The day after my defense, I got a job offer at a perfect job. I haven’t even been looking and it just accidentally happened. I pondered whether I should turn it down and do some research. But in the end, a good job is a good job. It’s the perfect next challenge for me in my career path. It’s in also in Seattle. This feels right like my job at MITRE. The pay is not as high for my new degree but I think the compromise is well worth it.

And finally, I continue practice asking the universe … It works in wonders in so many ways. Many people are telling me that I’ve got a talent for photography. To tell the truth, I don’t know that for sure. I enjoy it very much. I registered for a business license for Light Press Photography. I got one wedding gig which would help me purchase a back up camera. I also got a kick ass fun project shooting a Men of CSE calendar with the grad students at UW. The guys surprise me a great deal. Not only are they not dorky, they are adorable, cute and creative. This project is just what I need as a way to stretch what I photograph and how I photograph.

Woohooo! I love this beautiful life and all the great progress!

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One thought on “Late bloomer

  1. You definitely have a talent for photography, Maya, and I am lucky to have you as my co-conspirator on the calendar. Also, let’s not mislead people here, we are still very, very dorky :]

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