Missing desert


We rented a Jeep so we could camp in the back of it even on nights when we couldn’t find a camp site. Little did we know that became the start of a trip filled with off-road driving. It started with a detour to a ghost town. Then we started looking for other off roads. This picture was taken through the Titus Canyon, which runs east to west (one-way) through the Armagosa Mountains that lies to the east of Death Valley. The sun was setting and I shot it hiding behind a rock. We were entranced by the experience of an ever changing scenery in addition to the thrill of the curvy and bumpy road. The exit of the canyon was eve more amazing. Little did I know this was just the beginning of more off-roading. Two days after, we found ourselves going through an even more threatening road that one of the rangers strongly suggested against. We thought we might not have come out alive that day. The desert offers limitless adventure. My heart yearns for its openness and sunlight. I blame it on the the Pacific NW winter. Or maybe it’s because that was when I was traveling with my love carelessly. In another week, I will be defending my PhD. I am already looking at tickets to San Diego. I can’t wait to see Joshua Tree NP as my next desert detour.

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