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I am not a fan of weddings except for my friend Clarie’s and May’s weddings. I am getting jaded and cynical with age? That’s a distinct possibility. After a break up at the end of 2009, I become less and less disillusioned by the institute of marriage. I take a step back and re-contemplate my life. In the midst of that, I was asked to shoot three weddings, in the span of a month in August 2010 (the month that is almost guaranteed to be sunny all the time in Seattle) The first one was a friend, the second one a friend’s friend, and the third one strangers. The recurrent theme is family and community. The couples celebrated their life together and the consummation of their love witnessed by people in their lives. I couldn’t relate to them at the time. Taking these wedding photos felt like a chore. Half a year later, when I have to put together a small wedding photography portfolio, the pictures made me realize that I have been afraid to really create the community and friendship that I desire. I have grown and changed quite a bit in the past years. It really means it’s time to also develop a new community that fits and speaks for who I am. I know it is hard to say good-bye to those that you love even it is for the right reasons. However, I cannot fight the current of these changes. Only a month after I made the new year resolution to make more new friends, I am already seeing the universe at work. This year, I will give myself the task of finding out what marriage means to me. It is not nothing! I will go to weddings, take pictures, and learn from those experiences.



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  1. I recall a discussion/debate about the institute of marriage in/around 2007. Four years later, I stand on my original thesis that “marriage is a legal contract” and not much more. I’m not looking for confirmation, but I do hope that the meme spreads. :)

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