new year resolutions

Once again, I spent hours around New Year’s Day on my new year resolution. Unlike people’s resolutions that say I will drink no coffee for 6 months, or I will lose 50 pounds, my new year resolution consists of an action plan and milestones broken down by the month. I don’t know why we celebrate new year’s day. Some people need an excuse to drink lots of alcohol, some people need to be reminded of time passed by, very few like me like to celebrate the turning of month, year with some meaningful resolutions.  My creating an action plan for 2010 has been given me a fruit year of travel, positive relationships, and progress. I have planned out the major travels to Egypt, China, STP, burning man,  and the southwest (again). My workout plans are integrated into the travel plans. The only one major thing that’s up in the air at the moment is my career. Many exciting changes are expected in the near future as my degree is the light in the horizon before dawn. I can feel it, the 33rd year of my life is going to be great. A line from The Alchemist keeps coming back to me: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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