breaking new ground


What does it mean to break new grounds for my photography? A lot of people say that my pictures are good but I am rarely satisfied. I am happy to see the improvement as of late but along with that I am also seeing more flaws and limitations. I am too immature both technically and artistically. This year,  I decided to shoot subjects out of my own comfort zone of friends, food and plants. More importantly, I need to shoot for my audience. Shooting weddings was my first step out. After three weddings in August, I ended up gaining new liking and some good results. Yet still, weddings aren’t my favorite thing. While failing to meet my recent assignment’s goal of taking mundane product pictures, I came out with some new shots that I believe are taking me in a new direction all together. This is one of the them. This picture is taking me away from my usual style of sunny and bubbly. I am looking for new compositions and ways to express more complex feelings. I am looking for natural but yet awkward moments. I am looking for richness of life that is more subtle and real. I had a lot of fun (and pain) with the assignment. Now that it’s done, I am looking forward to the next challenge. I don’t really know where I want to go with photography but the fact that I am finally making improvements and breaking new grounds is all that matters.

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