a magical moment

DSC_0296_7_5_hdr_nx_ps small

The story between us is a canyon
carved by serpentine time
twists and turns
widens and narrows
sometimes a torrent
and others a trickle

It’s not what I imagined
but grander and more magnificent
All it takes is patience
Time tells the story
the truth of our hearts
And the breathtaking landscape
is a celebration of the pain we endured
the hopes for the future
and the happiness we create.

In my recent trip to Utah with my friend Chris, we had set out to shoot as many sunrises and sunsets at beautiful view points as possible. As luck should have it that it rained quite a bit in the desert. This morning that we wanted to shoot at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, it rained as well. After contemplating for a good 10 minutes in the parking lot at 5:45am, no stars over head, I decided that we were committed to go. Who knows what sort of surprise one may find. Really, every time I convince myself of that, some sort of adventure ensues. We got to Mesa Arch as a bit of light broke the sky. It was over cast. A mob photographers already blocked all the possible places to shoot in front of the arch. I wandered around the photographers feeling frustrated with the weather and the complete lack of space to shoot. So I said to Chris, I wish all of the photogs would go away. … moment later, I said while standing next to one of the photogs, forget it. The sun is not going to come out. Let’s come back again tomorrow morning. The rain picked up again around 7:30, when the sun was supposed to rise. The photographers packed up and all disappeared within the next 5 minutes. Wow, I thought. Half of my wishes came true. I have all the space to put my tripod wherever I wanted. And then 5 minutes later, I noticed that the canyon turned from blue to purple. That was strange. Within a minute this gentle red glow poured through the clouds and landed in front of us. My jaw dropped and couldn’t say a word but to unpack my camera and set up the tripod as quickly as possible. The next five minutes were the most magical moment on the trip as the sun beam made a majestic sweet across the canyon lands. Five minutes, that felt like half an hour. And then it was all gone. The storm clouds dispersed. The sun evaporated the moisture from the land into fog, wrapping the mesas of Canyonlands making it truly an island in the sky.

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