Mt Dickerman


We finally met again after a month long hiatus. All we wanted to do was to hold each other’s hands, gaze into each others eyes, and just be with each other. For some reason, maybe it’s from the fatigue of travels, I thought we both looked like long battled soldiers returning home. And home is exactly what we found in each other. The peace and solace of the mountains was perfect. We needed to be rid of distractions, hoping that the refreshing air and breeze of pine trees can help us cleanse away our sadness and replant seeds of happiness. The laboring steps through the forested switchbacks at the start of the trail made our hearts race. It was easily confused with the excitement of this precious reunion. At every stop to catch my breadth, I felt the warmth and love of his chest pressing against mine. This was exactly what I had missed for a long time.

Fall is the season for huckleberries. The short and reddish bushes produce the sweetest berries packed with a perfume scent. We came prepared with an empty water bottle to bring some home. While picking berries, we met some fun and new friends along the way. We also stopped to take pictures. When we finally reached the top, it was already very late in the afternoon. A fog had almost swallowed the surroundings peaks and valleys. Sitting quietly in this mystical place, I wished that we could make this feeling of serenity last forever. Deep down inside, we both knew perfectly well that a storm was encroaching  in the near future; we merely chose to ignore it.  The intricacies of our hearts are just like the mountains and greens behind the fog, ever-present  but unseen. The depth and beauty beyond the whiteness is yet to be unveiled.

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