Hey Alligator

If you still love her
Please tell her how you feel
Before you swim into a swanky swamp
May the swamp be cozy with adventures
May she be your pal and not your meal
May she love you in return

Go forth with no fears
If she ever broke your heart
I promise to be right here waiting
With a hanky to wipe those Alligator tears
And a stapler to patch up your
Alligator heart

Here’s a view of the Olympic National Park cascades at sunset with a ferry going across the sound in front of the Seattle sculpture park. The mountains are reminders of strength and truth to me. With coming of age, I become more and more nostalgic of the mountains and snow on them. I said a wish to the universe, when I watched the sun set behind those mountains, for a meaningful life filled with purpose, love, and harmony. With coming of age, I am feeling more and more confident with what adventures life may bring to me. It is a great feeling. I want to express these feelings. Poetry has lend itself well in some ways as I cannot always talk about the identity or real story that inspire the poems. This makes the poems nebulous as if readers need to read between the lines. Does it defeat delivering the purpose of the poems?

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5 thoughts on “Hey Alligator

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