botched but still happy shot

A union
of sun’s drama and storm’s romance
creates a rainbow

A mirage
of the eye
Much sought after yet untouchable

A love story
is born
flesh crushing, bones caressing

Love is a rainbow,
While distilling awe in the wanderers,
cannot be found

Rumi says
“lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
they are within each other all along.”

Ever temporal
Ever present
Ever true

Photography note: I love storm clouds. The moment I saw these clouds from the office, I drove home, picked up my camera and went for West Seattle. Little did I know, the sunset and rain created a stunning rainbow that seemed to have landed in Harbor Island. For only 15 minutes, the rainbow grew brilliant and then faded. I just happened to be laundering my lens cloth, rain drops on the graduated filter and smears between the filters showed. It was a botched shot. I was frustrated for not being prepared with a cloth and an umbrella. It is just one of those practice moments before I become a good photographer I told myself. As with many shots that I botch, I took the liberty to post process it big time as well. I love the almost milky effect from a long exposure in the water. I learned how to create the Orton effect in my Nikon Capture program instead of using Lightroom or PS. The effect gives the highlights glow and soften the harsh dark edges. In my opinion, it’s an interesting effect. I see people overusing  it to make a boring shot dramatic.

This entry was posted by Maya.

5 thoughts on “rainbow

  1. I have had to revist and I must correct the oversight and tell you the poetry is the most outstanding part of the page

  2. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. I feel encouraged to write more.

    @1markt, it makes me super happy that you like the poem more than the picture. me, too!

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