a red spring

I returned to live with my parents after having been away for 10 years. I’m back to the house where a Japanese maple adorns the front yard with its unabashed flaming red leaves. Yes, even in the spring, the maple doesn’t fail to show off its glory. I love standing beneath it and let my eyes get lost staring at the stars. Maples always make me feel nostalgic. They remind me of fall, the season to part with summer’s passion, and ready oneself for a lonely winter. The main trunk snarl with a graceful curve upwards and then to one side. Layer by layer, the densely packed leaves stack neatly horizontally. They shelter me from spring rain.

spring maple

I keep wondering how long I will stay in the house this time. Two months went by and I am once again falling in love with the maple and the house. The wind for journey is swishing around in the leaves. A friend recently introduced me to an author Joyce Major who wrote about volunturism as a way to travel around the world cheaply. Can I give up the comfort of a stable home and travel for 6 months at a time or more?

I want to photograph more and more interesting things as I get better at what I am doing. Each night, I come home from work past 9, eat dinner, fall asleep around midnight with my laptop next to my pillows editing pictures. Morning comes around, I am excited to upload and share the pictures online. Some friends have asked if the photos were mine. The comment made me chuckle. Had I gotten well beyond a regular everyday photographer to be asked that question? I started to watermark the pictures. Someone asked if I was selling the pictures. I said no, but the comment and the fact that someone out there is enjoying them even for a split moment in the morning makes me happy.

A friend said, don’t worry too much about what is right or wrong, or how you’d be perceived. Just keep doing what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. It is like the Japanese maple that says, don’t worry about the seasons. You are who you are; you are most attractive when you let yourself be who you are.

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