quirky awkward to unique fabulous

“I belong to the rarest group, only 1-4% of the population!” Exclaimed by my introverted counterpart girlfriend. We are in our early 30’s. Finally, after having lived for some 30 odd years did we realize we are quirky, unusual, not normal, but that’s quite OK! My guy friend said or else we’d be very boring people. After having battled for years the pressure to conform, we have finally realized that we are a brilliant bunch, which just happen to come in a very rare package. This weekend, I had three consecutive girls-only night-outs, all with Asian American girls, too. Coincidence? Perhaps. However, where I came from and where I am now to where I am going is all beginning to make sense. I have weird parents who were unconventional, growing up in a “family” that was unconventional, and now I understand why trying to want what everyone deems as value in life has just been uncomfortable. So quirky I will be. Dear Universe, I only need a small slice of the sky to soar. You can give me that ,right?! Thank you for having brought to me all the unusual extraordinary people into my life. They made me feel comfortable, normal, and enlightened. I am feeling more and more ready for the roller coaster ride ahead. The journey of my next few months will be unusually tough but I will succeed.

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