first solo drink

Last night, I went out for a drink alone at my favorite speakeasy Bathtub Gin & Co. It had to be the first time that I went out drinking alone, for less than happy reasons. I had a boring journal paper to review. I didn’t feel like working late in the office. I had just lost two very good friends. I needed a Scotch and the bottle of Oban at home is nowhere to be found after the move. As it turned out, drinking alone wasn’t too bad after all.

Like my mother who could start looking and decide on buying a house in 2 weeks, I am quick on my feet when it comes to making big decisions. If a decision requires so much noodling about, it probably isn’t the right thing. The right decisions present themselves in ways that we are ready for at the right time. They present themselves as true callings at times as if the stars are aligned just for that.

I am however not nearly as suave when it comes to relationships. I understand they take a lot of work but recently, I find myself quicker on my feet running away from “potentially” dramatic or negative friends. Can relationships be so poisonous and cause so much pain sometimes that one just has to phase them out? Even if they are people that I absolutely adored and admired?

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