I slipped into the night
with only my hair to caress my bare shoulders
lights of the city ushered me home

I sat in front of the keyboard
with mascara-lined tears kissing my cheeks
words of dreams uttered in fist-full of golden sand

Did you know that I loved you

The wind will carry our kite
across the glades
blueberry bushes bloom
fire in the sunset

The current will carry our melody
over a darkness
our friendship will find peace
together or apart

Deeply …
I wished I could love you still

This entry was posted by Maya.

4 thoughts on “Deeply

  1. Maya Li…I have been waitng for your next poem…wondering when your beautiful words will grace the page again…I’m off to Tunisia for holiday…but hope to find your words when I return in two weeks…touching the heart strings of all those who will listen.

    • slpmartin, I am flattered. I have returned from my travel only a week ago. Despite of the fact that I was overwhelmed with what I saw or experienced in canyon lands, I am afraid that the excitement may wear off before I could place any words on the page. Pictures I will post. Hope you have a great trip to Tunisia.

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