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Larissa - Breaking English

A week ago, I finally had the pleasure and honor to hear Lala reading her own writing project called Breaking English. It was a fictional writing based on true stories, of her parents and her family moving from South Korea to Brazil, and then again from Brazil to America. There are many people that have immigrated to foreign lands for better lives with high hopes. Her family is no different. But what makes her story unique, in my humble opinion, is the fact that her parents moved twice across oceans to different continents. They endured hardship for the hope that they could have a better life together as a family. Lala read three pieces from different time period of the journey. I don’t know the full story. I do however believe the story has a happy ending. She has the power to tell a mesmerizing story. Her stories are bitter sweet. One could taste the sweetness of rice milk through those words. She distills beauty in sadness.

Strangely, I was captured by Lala’s story. Even though they were not comedy, but for the first time, I felt true happiness in my heart since my ex and I broke up a month ago. I felt lucky to have all the things in my life, especially a wonderful soul mate like Lala. I felt inspired by the powerful life force of her family despite of tribulations. Within the last month, Lala has been the best friend that held out a candle for me in darkness, showing me the way. I have unlimited admiration for this wondrous friend. I look forward to her completed writing very much.

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