A short year

did someone tip over a pan of gold dust?

Our love
bloomed in the spring with
cherry blossoms.
with summer sequoia.
By fall, it burned and burned
with flames like maples.
When winter came,
it died.

Seasons of love
like flutters of a butterfly’s wings
a glimmer on a silk worm

There is no reason given. He wished to end our relationship all so suddenly that was like a rug being pulled under my feet. I let him go because I still love him. I want him to be happy even if it meant that I couldn’t a part of that happiness. I don’t know how many times my heart can be broken. This time, I can hardly hold on to the pieces with duct tape.

Love isn’t our whole life. I count my blessings everyday. I trust that I shall move on one day full of new hopes. I shall fall in love again, and be loved again. But in the mean time, I find the air too thin to breathe. The sky is too gray to be cheery. I want to run away, to far away lands of sunshine and blue sea, where nothing would remind me of my lost love. In this short year, this love has given me much and taken away more. No regrets. It was the most loving year of my life.

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