hidden treasure

hidden treasure

Finding this hidden waterfall inside of Oneonta Gorge was pure ecstasy. The trailhead into the Gorge is underneath a bridge off of the historic highway 84 in Columbia Gorge near Horsetail Falls. The hardest part of the hike, and perhaps the most exciting part, is to make up one’s mind to dip his toes into the icy water and commit through the rest of the way with water rising up to the waist. (Trust me, this was still the most challenging part the second time I went to the waterfall.) It would actually be embarrassing to turn around since we saw all kinds of people returning with big smiles of triumph on their faces, from little girls to old grandmas. Ah, did I mention a 3 person tall wall of logs one would need to climb through at the entrance?

For this shot, I set my tripod in the water leaving the camera lens barely hovering above the water, and me squatting with my derriere in the water for over 15 minutes. The sun has long left the Gorge leaving diffused light to work with. The walls to the right of the waterfall curved gracefully like someone had polished it, showing the power of high flow and the force of nature. It was wonderful to be enjoying such beauty by yourselves even for a brief moment. And I’m grateful for my traveling companion. Such beauty is best shared with one near to the heart.

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