open tap


This is Ponytail Falls in Columbia Gorge. The waterfall drops from somewhere higher through a slit in this large rock forming what looks like a pony tail. One can only see that from limited angles directly in front of the waterfall and for the most of the other angles, it  looks like an open tap. The fun part is the semi-cave formation underneath the rock giving way for hikers to explore the back of the waterfall. Instead of my usual light hearted interpretation, I had decided to dramatize this photo inspired by an incredibly talented NW photographer Bruce Barnbaum. This is no where near Barnbarum’s genius; I’m just in the mood.

A friend of mine went through a whirlwind of romance, got engaged, and then a storm of drama which resulted in disengagement. All happened within the matter of a year. In comparison, she’s a waterfall while I prefer to be a river when it comes to experiencing romantic relationships. I feel more and more disillusioned by the idea of a great relationship not to mention marriage. My parents couldn’t offer me any wisdom as theirs didn’t work and went on to become unions of companionship as people age. I continue to question whether my expectations are overly idealistic. I really like the one that I am in but the future is a mystery to me. The only certainty is to truly trust my feelings.

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