kitchen goddess

Apple Gorgonzola Tart
The apple tart was made with fuji and granny smith apples slices on top, puff pastry base, gorgonzola hidden in between, and sprinkled with salt, petter and thyme. It was absolutely divine. Its complementary tart was a savory tomato pesto. That tart disappeared even though most of the guests had already feasted on the steak and sandwiches.

I love playing in the kitchen. My friends make me think that I’m a kitchen goddess. I threw a tea party for house warming but in reality I just wanted to make lots of food and watch my friends munch away happily. I didn’t even need to be a part of the party. It was as if I was on a cooking high like a running high: I could cook forever. 

Friends enjoying the food I make is the biggest complement. They often follow up with other comments that conjure up my grandiose dreams of actually becoming a chef or with my own cafe restaurant business. At the end of the day, unlike working in school or at a job, the biggest satisfaction is from my own knowing that I have accomplished and executed the dishes to the best of my imagination. 

tea party

Chipotle chicken sandwiches and chocolate mud pie. Not in the photo is pepper grilled steak with creamy shitakii mushroom sauce.

If everyone has a natural talent, was I misled into “proper” professions such as computer engineering? After all, I have always been drawn into art and paintings since 4 years old. Life would have been earth shatteringly different if I was a pastry chef, or a photographer. Although, there may be a different kind of worry. Instead of lamenting in my blog about the lack of time to spend on these pleasurable hobbies I might be worried about financial stability or the lack there of.

I’m a product of my environment. In this case, a product of a conservative Chinese family. Perhaps one day, my daughter would have the freedom to follow her heart. … Just like the way my mother had wished for me, that her daughter would have the financial stability with no worries.

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