April Denny Creek hike

Denny Creek

It was finally beginning to get warm in Seattle, Peter and I decided to head out to the mountains for some light hearted Saturday afternoon hikes. Well, I was eager to try out my new Nikon D90. Yes, I’ve gone from shooting 10 years of Canon to owning my first Nikon. Hiking in the Pacific Northwest, as Peter so well noted for someone who’s moved here from a part of the country that’s always sunny, requires much more planning contingent on weather and road conditions. It’s a complicated decision making process which can only be perfected by one who has made enough mistakes by doing it. We decided to go to Denny Creek, a trail that I had visited last fall. 

To our surprise the trail was hidden in snow, after parking our car, it took another 1-2 miles to get to the trail head. The air was crisp but there was few people on the trail. It didn’t take us long to realize we needed to have snowshoes as every once in a while, our legs would sink into the snow. We couldn’t make it to the river bank at all, which was a bit of a disappointment from a photographic perspective. I didn’t bring my tripod so it wasn’t too bad of a problem. The couple of bridges we had to cross were damaged by snow but we managed to crawl across. As we finally reached a point in the trail going under a very tall high way bridge (which was absolutely unnatural), we had to scramble through a patch of snow so soft that my whole leg would sink in to the crotch. The soft snow gave little leverage to get out, like of like getting stuck in quick sand. It was at this point, we decided that it was enough to have caught sight of beautiful snow, pine trees, and adorable mosses, we turned back.

It’s important that we hike into the mountains amongst the trees and across the rivers. It’s important that I find soul mates through hiking. It’s only out here devoid of city noise do we see each other in our basic elements. Does one only want to get quickly from point A to point B? Does one find solace in the process of hiking and appreciating the little things that go by? Is one adventurous and filled with curiosity? Can one endure long stretch of time without the need to speak? Or mere body language or close proximity is sufficient to transpire affections? Can one be considerate and caring for others? Would one be a leader in the pack or good team player? Does one prefer to make plans, detailed or rough or none?  hm… this list can on but you see the point to this, it would be in hiking that I will find my soul mates.

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3 thoughts on “April Denny Creek hike

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  2. Beautiful photos! I like the one of the creek itself, and the snow-covered stones.

    I’ve had almost the same experience, trying to go hiking along Denny Creek ( usually at the Franklin Falls trailhead ) and found myself parking a few miles from where, in summer, the trail begins.

    You mentioned needing snow shoes. While they aren’t terribly expensive, you can rent them for a day or a weekend. You can also take a snow shoe tour of Paradise, on Rainier, to get a feel for it and see what you think.

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