I miss the way you look into my eyes
Like sunlight piercing through summer leaves

I miss the way you kiss me on my lips
Like baby blue marshmallows floating in the sky

I miss the way you hold me in your arms
Whispering sweet sounds of Salman and far away lands

I miss the way you speak to my heart
Sharp as etched rocks cloaked in gentle mist

For now is to eternity
As crystals are to diamonds
Time beholds, as
Affection turns to love

It’s been years since I wrote any poems. Remembering high school years, creative writing taught by Mr Nolet was my favorite Language Art class. Not only did we write poems with words, we wrote poems with sounds. We explored poems about emotions, stories, and abstracts. I even remember making one of them into a song with the help of my high school boyfriend. Mr Nolet always encouraged me to publish my writings in the school newspaper. I was too embarrassed.

I’m still somewhat embarrased posting my poems in my own blog. Perhaps it’s because poems carry the weight and depth which shrivel everyday writing. I like poems that paint a picture, texture, and sounds in my mind. They don’t have to be scientifically explicit and yet capture the essence with few words. I admit that this one sounds cheesy, but it’s ok when it’s in a poem. What the heck, it’s my own blog! :) I feel inspired to write again lately with words flowing smoothly, ideas  flourishing like a creek. It feels right.

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