Here's looking at you

Change is the spice of life
Life is the change of spice
Let me be your salt and caramel
When idleness invades your berth
May you be my chili and dark chocolate
For idolatry shall forever rest in earth

Phew I am back in my own elements again, literally: in the same apartment building with the same gorgeous view of Lake Union and downtown. After so many moves in the last couple of years, my posession has downsized by half. It made moving easy. Seeing my own clothes (have been living out of a suitcase in the last 6 months), guitar, baking pans made me feel rich. I am looking forward to the weekend playing Martha Stewart at home, buying some furniture, planting flowers, and cooking up a pot of rissotto.

New space, (re)new friendships, new freedom, new me, I think that all of this has been inspired by an innocent and profound comment that “happiness is the making of one’s own cocoon.” Instead of waiting for changes to happen, waiting for my what seemed to be imminent slow death, I chose to change. In many friends and mom’s eyes that I have taken too long to make up my mind, but I needed to take my own time, to try something out and say ok, they were right, it didn’t work. I’m happy for everyday starts with a jolt in my system, not from caffeine, but the hope and assurance that happiness is possible and it’s in one’s own making.

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