day dreams

After racing on Saturday, I went out to race in the Seattle “Henley” on Sunday. First in a double with Errin and then in an 8+. I am happy to report that I’m no longer DFL; we passed boats in both events. It felt super awesome!!! I had never felt being pushed to such extreme physically and mentally, even taking MCAT or dance performances didn’t feel nearly as intense. Wow, is this why people are so addicted to competitions? The feeling of being in the zone, overcoming challenges, going above and beyond one’s perception of his own capabilities and tolerance for pain. I have often told myself that it was OK not to push myself beyond my own comfort level. That was a cop out for fear of failure, fear of facing the fact that there are others that are stronger, smarter, better than I am. What I learned over the weekend was that it didn’t matter. When I have given my whole heart out, regardless of the results, I could enjoy competitions immensely. I look forward to our race in the San Diego Crew Classic in 14 days. 

day dreams

Rowing hasn’t just been a new work out but a life that I have picked up. I haven’t been doing much lately besides working, sleeping, rowing, and repeat. With all the racing festivities, I hadn’t realized that spring has already arrived.  I am thinking about gardening, lazy afternoon picnics, trips to the beaches, hiking in the mountains, … I miss lying in the sun day dreaming about everything and nothing.

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