Oregon Coast


I have yet to write about my week long cross country drive. It was such a great trip that I developed a thirst to see America’s natural beauty. As a continuation of the adventure, Pierre and I drove down to Oregon Coast during Thanksgiving week. We loved the coast immensely. We woke up everyday before crack of dawn to set up our camera gear and pick ideal spots for our shoots. Then we stay up late to catch star trails and shooting stars.


We were rewarded but not without paying the price. We were rushing from location to location trying to catching the golden hours: sunrise and sunsets. There were equipment damage that we had to deal with along the way, improvising release cables with rubber bands. I got soaking wet in my shoes from sneaker waves. The weather wasn’t always cooperating. We prevailed. The photos were beautiful. I had never been so dedicated to shooting while traveling like this before. Sometimes when one spends so much time and attention on shooting photos, one is taken out of the beautiful scene, devoid of the experience of being there. I shouldn’t complain too much. It’s the price that a photographer pays. I now can sit back and enjoy the photographs without the regret of not being able to capture what I saw.

The trip was not without disappointment. We had planned on seeing the Oregon Dunes. From my childhood memory, the dunes were like a little Sahara on the Pacific Coast. Sadly, not only did we spend hours before dawn looking for a location, but we got soaking wet hiking through the dunes during the day. We didn’t get any good shots besides hills covered with off road vehicle tracks and infested with European grass. The dunes were no longer pristine.


There is no visiting a place without trying its best cuisine. We committed to eating seafood along the coast for the whole trip. But I finally cracked and demanded steak and egg for breakfast as we passed through Cape Disappointment. Pierre hadn’t given up, made me stop for clam chowder even though we were only two hours from hitting home. He saw a little shack in Raymond, WA with a sign for chowder. Only after we parked in front of it did we realize we had struck gold. The little restaurant made smoked oysters. The restaurant owner smoked the oysters fresh and served with some secret marinara sauce on top. The clam chowder was the yummiest I’ve ever had to this day. The little pit stop at River View Diner drew a nice big exclamation mark to our trip.

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