the eight-letter M word

Just one more

We were driving towards the Oregon Dunes but realized that we were never going to make it before sunset. So we stopped at a random beach in Lincoln City. The sunset was unusually gorgeous, almost magical. We spent almost two hours shooting pictures on the beach. This was not my favorite at all. It was the the last shot before we were about to get swollen by rising tides.  Long exposure in dark light has a way to change the scenery . It can make splashing encroaching waves look serene and peaceful. 

In many ways, I felt that I should take my relationship like a road trip.

1) Be spontaneous. Change course and you might find something beautiful.

2) Take a long exposure when in low light. Little rough spots might turn out to be nothing in the long run.

3) Keep the focus on what’s close. It’s usually optically unpleasant to have foreground objects out of focus. 

Fine, maybe I’m simplifying things a bit, but I”m tired of being sad and confused. I’m tired of the eight-letter M word. It sounds silly, but I am banning  the M word for 2009. I’m tired of the sound of it and the thought of it. I can’t decide whether this word has any meaning for myself. So now that I’m sick of thinking about it, I’m going to call it a quit. There are better things to pursue, like my goals to visit a bunch of national parks on the west coast, visiting a foreign country, learn a new language. Actually, I can’t wait till New Year’s Eve, on which night I’ll be working on a bucket list (inspired by the movie Bucket List, and  in which the M word would most likely not appear). Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “the eight-letter M word

  1. I like the parallel you made with photography =) And I’m assuming this 8 letter word is “marriage”? I didn’t know you were actively pursuing that at the moment – well regardless of your resolutions…happy new year!

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