This Christmas…

steel cold

Goose down snow drowned the world around me in quietness with the exception of the click-clack of my keys.

Pierre went home to spend the holidays with his family. I started to do things that I love doing alone, watching cheesy romance movies, having pop corn and beer for dinner, staying up until 4am in the morning browsing flickr, and going out to dance parties. Single girl life is not too shabby. :) 

Last year Christmas, I spent it alone in DC; peaceful but lonely. Unfortunately, this year’s is not much better spending it with my parents, actually I should say I was stuck with my parents due to snow and bad road conditions. I spend it reading self-help books on how to deal with mama drama (courtesy of a caring friend). Why do I even bother? The person that I don’t have a choice but want to have a good relationship with has the power to make my life hell. Mom has the ability to push my buttons within 5 seconds of a start of a conversation.  Need I say more? 

The truth is, my life is great! Good health, food & shelter, somewhat talented, great friends, and a great job.  However I love challenges in life, I no longer want to challenge myself to a relationship that always makes me sad. I’m going to just keep looking and riding on whatever good current life brings me.

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