perfect balance


When you are having so much fun in your life time for blogging is hard to come by. So here is a short and sweet recap of my weekend. Because of the Labor Day long weekend, I have finally found a perfect balance between work and play. I love to play but work is fun too. After successfully meeting a release date at work on Friday on time, my weekend started off with eating yummy ankima (fish liver) at a Japanese restaurant called Bonsai with a Brazilian chef followed by an Indy film. That just warmed up the fun for Saturday. I drove out to W. Virginia with a couple of girlfriends for some wine tasting. It was a blast enjoying wine and picnic in the winery. After getting the two of them sufficiently relaxed and happy with wine, I got a couple of portraits which were added to my “Eye” collection. It’s been a long time since I felt so happy with my photos.


Of course the fun didn’t stop here. Sunday, Chad and I rode our bike down to Alexandria Old Town. Fall in DC (yep, it already feels the beginning of fall with little bit of leaves changing color, 80F with no humidity) feels beautiful. We wondered through the cobbled stone streets, sampling quaint colonial American life in local crafts and food. Alexandria is a must see place if one tours DC. We took a detour on our way back through the monuments. We watched the sunset at Thomas Jefferson Memorial.


After a bit of girl time, a bit of urban adventure, the weekend just had to be made even more perfect with a day outdoors kayaking on the Potomac with Chris. All our kayaking trips and rowing in the morning has shown me how much I love activities on the water. It gives one a whole new perspective to the world. We paddled up river from the drop point to the Great Falls. I got stuck going up some rapids and had to swim through. The water felt deliciously warm. Contrary to the day before, I watched the sunset on the river. It was absolutely breath taking.


Not sure how many times I have said this, but here it is again: I am actually going to miss my DC friends and life when I get back to Seattle. I expected that I’d like DC and enjoy my life here. But I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly nor so much fun. But as my coworker David says, a person has a better chance becoming successful with some envision of his/her short term future in mind (instead of following and going whatever lands in his lap). I have a vision of what it’d be in 10 years and one of the steps that I need to take right now is to complete that step in Seattle. I might return to DC one day… who knows.

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