too much of … is bad


I always feel extremely lucky for having some of the best friends in the world. Not trying to boast or anything. When my parents repeated refused to visit me in DC after my move over 8 months ago, my best friend came to visit. She was the third friend from Seattle. Actually, it was her and her new bf. The two were inseparable. I am not kidding: they held hands even when we went water rafting. Sometimes, felt like stopping them in the middle of their intense PDA session, but I didn’t. /sigh/ They were only in town for a few days and not to mention they had just started dating.

Regardless, we had a great time sight seeing DC, chatting until 2am in the morning, doing lots of catch up. I really missed my friend. Upon their departure, I couldn’t help to ask WHY their PDA made me cringe… I wouldn’t say uncomfortable exactly, just cringe. I must specify that this was PDA more than hand holding, a peck on the lips, or a hug.

Not jealousy. I wasn’t jealous of them having a great time. It wasn’t something I wanted actually. I guess if there was any jealousy, I was jealous of the boy for I couldn’t have my friend’s full attention. :p Seriously that wasn’t quite it.

Was it because they were two people performing intimate acts in public? Not really… As long as it didn’t expose body parts and doing things that people really shouldn’t do except for behind their bedroom doors, I had no qualms. Some dose of PDA is good… but still too much of it made me unhappy.

After days of discussion with my other friend who happened to be there with us the whole weekend, I realized that it was because their PDA was absolutely fine when they weren’t with people. It was when they were with me, or if I had friends over, what they were doing took them out of a circle of communication. Imagine two people starting to make out in the middle of a conversation. It was cute that they were in their little bubble, but not so cool when friends were around expecting to interact. More consideration and respect was necessary.

Upon my friend’s departure, I suddenly felt lonely. I really missed Seattle. Despite of 8 very fun months in DC, working, trying out new things, meeting new people, I still miss Seattle terribly. I decided that it’s time to go home… despite of my mother’s expectations. This is my life to live and I only get to do it once.

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