rower hand

This is the ugliest picture you’d ever see on my blog

That’s right, you are looking at my latest rower hand. We are learning to feather the oars in rowing now. (Feathering is when the rowing blade is turned flat at the end of a stroke . The oar then glides through the air to the beginning position of the next stroke. The oar is turned again to be perpendicular to the water before being dropped into the water.) A newbie like me with no prior calluses and gripping the oars too tight end up with lots of blisters. The blisters never healed before getting worked on again. So they break. Some of the old blisters turned into calluses and then got new blisters on top again. It hurts when I wash my hands. The shocking but good thing is that I don’t feel them until I am done rowing. To put things in perspective, this is way better than what girls go through dancing in point shoes.

We have one day of break tomorrow from rowing. That’s when the hand is going to heal before the next round of torture begins. Thank god I’m dating a rower: he’d be proud of my scratchy callused palm.

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