Hakuna matata


The week hasn’t been the easiest. I was driving myself with two motto, “go towards love, not away from fear” and “connect the dots between what I want to be and where I am”. With lots of uncertainties in the air, I found stability in working and rowing. I was extremely happy with the outcome. There is an immense pleasure when I can focus myself on work. I got up at 5am four times of the week for rowing, despite of the painful sleepless, tossing and turning nights. I didn’t run away from tough moments that cause much stress, like mom’s emails commanding me to do what she told me. Instead, I wrote her an email to tell her that I disagree with her. It made my head hurt and eyes spin but I did it. Yet again, I nicely told her to let me make my own decisions.

Really, so happy that the weekend started, and started off on the right foot (the correct foot) today. I rented a 70-200mm lens for a weekend at the USRowing Club National Championship that I am going with Cary in Camden, NJ. I took a test shot at home of the pot of flowers, standing more than 10 feet away. It looks like inches away from the picture. The lens is great! I can’t wait to try it out on the water.

At night, I went to see Lion King the musical at the Kennedy Center. I got a ticket from one of the women in the rowing club. The seat was awesome, in one of the center boxes! The view was fantastic. And the show was a blasting success. I regret not having seen Lion King earlier (b/c I wasn’t a big fan of Elton John I guess). Never too late right? The costume design was exquisite, dynamic, and creative. I also loved the songs and the singers. It’s been added to my live performance fav list.

Not sure why, but after the show, I felt a strong urge for a life with adventure , a home, and purpose. I was so afraid to face it before because they seem so contradictory somehow. Fears are never rational. I don’t know in what shape or form they will come true in my current life. But it will!

Hakuna matata.

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