We thought we were going to be in trouble without finding a good cup of coffee in Montreal. “Starbucks is the standard of a good cup.” warned Janina on IM before I left DC. With zero expectations, we decided to give Veritas a try. It’s at least got a Synesso… and 49th Parallel roasted coffee beans. Pierre had tried it back in the winter, thought it had the potential to be good … but of course that was just the potential.

The truth is the potential was realized. Veritas has the key to a heart warming and cheerful cup of coffee, made by Anthony, our barista. The moment that Pierre and Tito plopped themselves at the coffee bar in front of Anthony, I knew we were going to be there for hours. Anthony wasn’t just a great barista, but gregarious. He wasn’t showing off his coffee like the ones we met in New York City. He was merely being him and his coffee said it all-his passion for coffee.

In the next two hours, we tried at least 5 shots of all different coffee drinks, espresso, latte, cappucino, americano, and Anthony’s specialty drink with egg yolks. I had so many shots in such a short time that I almost puked. But they all so good. Simple, earthy, and supremely good. (Since then, Anthony has won some coffee competition and moved on with his career to other parts of the world.


Back in DC, I begin to miss good coffees I’ve had all through my travels. Even though there is Murky coffee here, their price makes going there a treat rather than a daily routine. At work, I’ve learned to tolerate really murky Starbucks brew every afternoon. Today, while I was in line, the guy behind me started adding packets of sugar to his mug. That’s exactly what I always thought people should do. If the customer wants sugar in the coffee drink, you should add the sugar first, and then make the shots on top of that, and pour the milk into it. All that action would melt the sugar; the latte art wouldn’t be ruined from people stirring their sugar in. I complemented the guy on his brilliant idea. He said, “On the 8th day, God created coffee.” That was too funny. Not that God really created coffee, but coffee is pretty high up there… you know, in its importance.

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