silver lining


I haven’t blogged very much lately but writing has been on my mind a lot. The winter freeze was over and summer is in full bloom. I have gone out hiking or kayaking every weekend for the last month. (I still need to backtrack to blog about those adventures.) I’m beginning to really like DC. People are really friendly, if you can manage to ignore the general road rage. I have met my first girl friend Molly, whom I immediately found at home with. And then I met my second girl friend Cary whom I connected right off the bat through rowing. My “office mate” Paul gave me the orchid which keep me company in a big empty office that I have all to myself. I fell in love with rowing, which gets me out of bed excitedly at 5 in the morning.

After weeks and weeks of high time, I was ready to find self needing more Maya-time to recharge. Today was especially bad. I got up at 5 to row, felt extremely stressed out about work because of multiple project deadlines, facing an upcoming move that I don’t have time to plan for, needed to have more time to work on my thesis, more importantly I needed more sleep. It was definitely a day that I wished to hide myself in a hole. Two coffees before noon came around. By the time I got to the office around noon, a black out from tornado and thunderstorm wiped out all our computer power. I dreaded going out at night because high way traffic was a stand still… went through 3 miles on the highway in 20 minutes. urgh!!!

I survived the day. No, it was better than barely surviving it. I thought I was going to call Mom in the morning to tell her I wanted to quit my job. I had half composed emails to call off evening friend outings that was fortunately never sent out. Just when I thought life was asking for so much out of me that I couldn’t give, it instead cradled me through all that thunder and lightening gently like its favorite child. I coxed our rowing boat in the morning for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I rowed my best time for 1K in 4’08” with help from a fellow new rower on the erg. I got help at work with some bug I had. Made great progress through a project even though we had to work on a telecon when the second blackout happened. I didn’t have an accident coming home wading through the crazy traffic while trying to call everyone in Seattle I knew to get a good use of time. I really enjoyed the new CD that Cherie sent me in the mail. And last but not the least, a great dinner down the street at a local pizzeria followed by fantastic gelato.

What I’m trying to say is that I am really thankful for a day like this. On a day when all seemed stressful or failing, but all came out peaceful and brilliant. I’m extremely lucky to always find that silver lining on a thunder cloud.

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