Way before the Memorial Weekend, summer is on the verge of the bursting out with thunderstorms and fiery greens. It rained and rained really hard for days on the East Coast. Our rowing training was put to a halt last week. I took the train up to NJ for a two day business trip. It was perfect since I was going up to NYC to watch American Ballet Theater’s Le Corsaire with Clarie at the NYC Lincoln Center.

The night at the ballet was truly magical. It was my first time in the Lincoln Center, which in my opinion was far more glamorous and grand than the Kennedy center. It was my first time watching Le Corsaire live, after drooling over YouTube videos for years. The ballet is based on a pirate story that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Petipa’s original choreography was far from being exciting. However, what is great about Le Corsaire can be captured in a near one minute variation. In the all star cast we saw on Tuesday, Angel Corella danced the slave to the pirate. His dancing was explosive and stunning. Corella brought the whole theater to its feet. It was almost as good as my favorite done by Baryshnikov. (click on the links to see YouTube videos)

Through the show, I kept thinking in the back of my mind, I’m so glad to have taken ballet lessons for years. Only having tried the dance steps did I further appreciate both the artistic and technical challenges. Ballet demands the mind, body and soul of an artist and an athlete. It distills all of that greatness into a night’s performance. It have the power to instill determination and inspiration for me to perfect and achieve my endeavors in life.

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