Luray Caverns


I went to visit the Luray Caverns by Shanondoah National Park with Paul a couple of weekends ago. Despite the soft green rolling hills of western Virginia, we had found a haven from allergies the moment we stepped into the caves. I should be able to tell you something more than what wikipedia says about the cavern but I can’t. We trailed behind our tour group to take pictures but ended up joining the group behind us.

The rock formations, or stalactites, were incredible but I have done no justice of such with my photos. This particular formation was one of my favorites. The glowing red indicates how thin it is. My other favorite formation was a room with lots of vertical tubular formations. Someone connected an organ to the tubes and the sound was incredibly heavenly. The tour wound back and forth with paths leading from one chamber to another. We had gotten used to looking up at the ceiling, it felt like for a moment we were diving in a deep sea of corals and fish. The rocks on the ceiling were actually underneath us.


I tried to take panorama pictures of a small lake that mirrored the ceiling into the water. But I failed. I should have used a even higher than 400 ISO. Tripod would have helped but probably wasn’t permitted inside of the caves. I want to go back and try again. HDR might actually be helpful. My pictures showed really high contrast without enough detail in between.

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