first thunderstorm


Oh I loooove thunderstorms. Nanning had a lot of thunderstorms growing up. Seattle almost never did. DC just had its first of the year. It was gorgeous!!! I like driving in it, sleeping in it, walking in it. I would have rowed in it this morning but we were working on race-starts on the ergs instead. We did another full power 1K today. I improved and had a 2:08 split time. Sooo close to the target 2 min. I still felt really accomplished because one of the TBC coaches was passing by and ended up asking me for my name when I finished. He just said “good job.” bwhahaha… I’m such an attention whore. I can’t wait until next week because we are going to be on water rain or shine.

Driving home from rowing made me realize how much I enjoy sports. I’ve always stayed away from them in high school because I was shy, lack competitiveness, and had trouble understanding English instructions. JR volleyball was intimating instead of fun. Aside from dancing, which was also very competitive, I am going to finally enjoy my first team sport.

Paul took this picture for me. I don’t think I was even posing for him. He’s a great photographer even though he would deny it.

It has been exactly 5 months since I started working in DC. I wished to meet new friends, and unexpectedly, I met some really cool people. The good and bad thing about working for a tech company as a girl is that there are lots of guys around. It makes meeting regular friends difficult because things get complicated in the beginning. In When Harry Met Sally, Harry said that a man and a woman can’t be friends because sex always gets in the way. I wouldn’t say it’s sex but attraction is inevitable. Rejection is not easy to take nor give.

Perhaps I always had the wrong idea about relationships. I thought that people should get to know each other, become friends. Only when you feel more comfortable do you become more intimate, and develop deeper connections over time, and become more committed. Whenever I had a crush with a guy at first sight in the past, I always ended up crash and burn. Not only do I stay away from those relationships, I also much prefer the more mature easy and natural development over Hollywood-style passionate romance. I’m not saying that the latter doesn’t exist, but I just haven’t experienced it to believe it. Besides, how is a girl supposed to distinguish a guy’s genuine intentions from lust in the beginning?!!

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