Have I mentioned that I love orchids in this blog before? It was a new acquired taste I suppose. I relate, or rather am inspired by its elegance and grace combined with exotic beauty and unimaginable varietals. P gives me orchids sometimes out of the blue. It always makes me throw myself into his arms.

I felt really disconnected last week. Work was going well. My projects were wrapping up. But there was a sense of unsettled dissatisfaction when I asked myself what was the real impact of my work? Not that there was no impact but I couldn’t relate to it. I felt really down until a coworker asked me what I wanted to achieve in the next five years. I knew the real point was to not get tunnel focused on the current progress and see if what I am doing how is on track with where I’m going. When I put things in perspective and could say yes to that question, I felt reconnected.

My company had a huge technology symposium for the last two days. It was like a science fair for adults with much cooler toys and technology. I was thrilled when one of the research PIs invited to help him demo their research project. Not everyone gets to take part in the tech symposium not to mention my normal projects don’t involve research. In combination of partying too hard over the weekend with two straight days of talking, I lost my voice.

I started rowing at the Thompson Boat Center in DC this week. It’s on the Potomac next to the Watergate hotel. Getting to TBC on the first day was 30 minutes of getting lost, as usual. It was classic of DC. Anyways, it’s been a challenge to get out of bed before 530 so I could get down to the boat house by 6. The way I did it was to skip sleeping for one night. It was like hell. Three days into it, I am actually getting used to it. In fact, it was refreshing to get out before the dawn cracks the sky, watching fog surfacing the river. I like my coach. He’s a funny/sarcastic but gentle. An ex-marine. I like his corrections which reminds me of my ballet teachers. I’m learning a lot already in the last three days like the correct way to hold the oar.

Today, we worked out on the erg because it was raining out. (Personally, I would have gone out.. oh well.) There was an erg called the “humiliator” at TBC. Basically it’s an erg suspended with a freedom to swing from left to right for 10 degrees on each side. It trains a person’s balance while rowing. After years of ballet training, it was really easy for me. Being a girl helps. And I can totally see why yoga helps as well. The only one guy was unable to stay straight up at all, kept banging on either side of the 10 degree mark. Being the second smallest person in the class with a good balance, coach assigned me to row bow. (A change from rowing stroke in Seattle last year.) I don’t mind it so much, just a lot of responsibility to balance and steer the boat. We’ll see what happens when we get on the water tomorrow. We ended today with a 1K on the erg. I rowed 2:12 average split time finished in 4:20. I really could have done better considering I had about another 20% in me. I can’t wait till I get it down to 4 minutes.

I love rowing!! It’s the best gift that P has ever given me by encouraging me to get into it. I’ve never really done any sports that required so much persistence, diligence, and team work. This is my new challenge!

Magically, even with all the chaos of starting a new sport, new schedule, partying hard, busy work week, I got reconnected with myself. Living is like a constant motion that one can choose to go through with peace and grace regardless of the torrent one must break through.

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