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I had forgotten to blog about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler race that took place almost a month ago. Funny enough, one of the TV channels was broadcasting about the race while I was surfing while eating dinner tonight. Even more ironically, I hadn’t realized that this photo, which was my favorite in the set, is focused on the guy in a pair of flashy bright yellow shoes. He was men’s first place. According to the TV show, he had followed some other runner for most of the way until the final couple hundred meters. He shot out like a rabbit and finished the race in a dance. Quite an impressive strategist in addition to being a great runner.

This was the first time I went to a race standing at the sideline. It was one of the best races course ever, cutting right through the beautiful cherry blossoms.  I ran the course the day before the race just that I’d know what it felt like. After having done numerous races over the years, I decided that I do not enjoy racing much. They made me run faster for sure but still, I much prefer the peace and meditative time alone during a run. Running with a crowd to is a big party to some people. To me, it’s stressful and almost suffocating. However, standing on the sideline watching a race made me learn how the great runners run. With so much lightness in their feet, steady and strong strides. My running has changed so much since 10 years ago (thanks in part to Chi Running). I no longer run with pain in my shins any more. I run 6 miles on Saturdays. I lean my upper body forward to propel myself forward. I raise my legs up more instead of dragging them along like treading on the road surface.  What hasn’t changed is that I still love running in misty rain.. and some of the best time I spend alone.

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