snow in April


People say there are seasons in DC, I say the spring is too short in DC. In mid-April, the temperature has already risen to 80F, the spring is threatened to turn into summer prematurely. In the mean while, Seattle made a record latest snow in April last weekend. Even with rain, snow, and hail, I found comfort in the morning with P. He made me some of the best cups of coffee as usual. I learned how to make a heart shaped latte art. The coffee space is complete with the roaster, industrial espresso machine, and giant coffee grinder. We created a corner in the coffee room to chill out while sipping coffee. We got a couple of really comfy couches, a gorgeous Turkish rug, and the fire place going. … It’s no wonder Seattlites became leaders of a blooming worldwide coffee culture. With all rational reasons against it, there is an enormous amount of comfort and love in this place that keeps tugging in my heart urging me back.


I’m addicted to the smell of coffee, in a good way. I remember that I panicked at some point thinking that life in DC is going to be so good that it’d replace all my fond feelings for Seattle. I dreaded the thought of forgetting Seattle and loved ones. Only now do I realize that addiction has made such strong imprints in my neuro network I don’t think anything is going to replace what Seattle meant to me. With that, I decided to set my mind and heart on sticking out in DC for at least a year. The decision gave me peace. Any other unsettling decisions will follow. I was once again centered and happy. Knowing where home is, I can now go off to explore the world uninhibited.

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