Another kind of pig heaven


It’s amazing to still discover cool places in Seattle after having lived there for so long and having left. I finally went to Salumi with Jason and Pierre. The cafe was famous for its cured meats. Little did I know its owners are Mario Batali and his sister. It was situated on the border of the International District and Pioneer Square. One can spot a big trailing queue even on an icy cold Friday outside of the shop. There was always a wait, since the time we got to the end of line, moved through the line to get our sandwiches, until we left the restaurant. Was it worth it? You bet! It was a pig’s heaven for the Homo Sapiens.

The restaurant was really long and narrow. Links and links of hanging meat adorned the walls of Salumi. I can’t name all of them but they had an oxtail sandwich for the daily special, spicy sausage, salami, lamb prosciutto (which this man in the picture was carving). Cured meat sandwiched between Italian breads spread with house special mayo. I got a spicy sperratazzo. Let me just reiterate myself:… mm.m…


p.s. Salumi is vegetarian friendly. I loved their eggplant sandwich. Do NOT subject yourself the torture of visiting this place if you are a meat-eater turning vegetarian.

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