Washington 2.0


So I moved from Washington State to Washington, DC. Washington 2.0. It’s been a bit o a cultural shock. I’ve resisted for four months to write this blog comparing the two places prematurely. It’s been four months and it should be fair to compare some things that are trivial.

  • cherry blossoms: Both places have beautiful cherry blossoms with different characters. UW’s cherry blossoms are smaller in scale but you’d find some space enjoying the flowers. However, there is more festivity in DC almost 2 weeks long from the kite festival to 10 mile race and will finish off with a parade.
  • weather : It doesn’t rain less in DC, just heavier and less frequently. The weather is about 10 degrees colder in Jan and 10 degrees warmer in April. I expect this to be much more exaggerated for the summer.
  • traffic: Driving in Seattle is so much more relaxing. You definitely need a car that accelerates from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds, and breaks even faster. I look in my rear view mirror to avoid bad drivers as much as looking forward. I used to play Fat Boy Slim driving in Seattle but started playing on classical music in DC to calm those road rage nerves.
  • social life: There is a vibrant social life in DC but I have only started meeting more people lately. People don’t seem to go hang out much in the colder months. The trouble is, once it becomes warmer, don’t even consider driving through DC. It’s always packed and the traffic is always stalled. I think it’s just as easy to meet cool people. I really need to meet some girl friends.
  • food: Food is definitely much better in Seattle not to mention good coffee. I am sure there is good food around, but I just haven’t been able to afford it. The good thing is there is plenty of good beer places around.
  • cost of living: Things are in general 1.3 to 2 times more expensive. A small (tall) latte at Murky coffee is over $3.71!! A bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle was $3.50 in Seattle and now $7.50.

The guy who put down money for me to go back to Seattle in 2 months has definitely lost. But I’m not sure about the ones that bet on a year yet. I can definitely enjoy the place and settle down, but what does my gut tell me is still in the air.

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