Good things happen in pairs, as an old Chinese saying goes.

After a week of working really hard, I treated myself to this pair of miam.miam mugs, which were outrageously expensive as far as mugs are concerned. I had seen them the first time four months ago at Seattle’s CoffeeFest. Unfortunately one of them was sold out at the time. The two stood out like a couple with the boy in brown and the girl in red. Don’t they look like they are doing a tango?! I think I’m getting ready for my first house party sometime soon.

It’s lonely living in a new town sometimes. I could drown myself in tons of activities but they wouldn’t have much meaning for me yet. However, like the burgeoning cherry blossoms around DC, my social life is as well. There is a deep belief in me that if I can be who I truly am, I can find friends that I really connect with and enjoy spending time with.

My social life has gone from 0 to 300% improvement this weekend. Hurray!! I only went on one social outing, which was plenty exhausting. It was a 31 mile bike trip to Mt Vernon, G. Washington’s mansion. My toosh now hurts like there is no tomorrow and I’m going to sit on my exercise ball at work on Monday. However, it was so worth it. It was absolutely heavenly biking on a winding trail through the forest along side the Potomac. ah… I absolutely loved it!! The sky, the water, the sun, the wind, … I forgot to miss Seattle.


(Taken en route Mt Vernon watching planes taking off from the Regan National Airport)

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2 thoughts on “pair

  1. Hi,
    Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same

  2. Lonely and empty are good to experience if you want to know the whole gammit. They give you a frame of reference, practice in being OK with it and raise your gratitude, eventually, ultimately. You’re good at really living:)

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