while we were hungry


My story of the last NYC trip was left off at its coffee. That day, we had nothing to eat but coffee. At sunset, we scrambled around the streets of East Village. We couldn’t settle down for anything less than scrumptious. So we took a cab and headed out for Soho’s Jean Claude. Clarie had recommended the place, “… an unpretentious French bistro. you should go there if you are tired of noisy New York streets….” Unexpectedly, perhaps not so for two people that didn’t plan their travels, we were an hour before it opened for dinner. So we wondered up and down the street with our matching Manfrotto tripods taking night photos. The Empire State Building was lit up with Christmas colors in the distance. Albeit quiet, the small stretch of street that Jean Claude was on had a bunch of interesting things:old gloomy NYC apartments, a yarn store, a fabric store, a modern coffee shop, a posh night club (very creatively) named The Room, Once Upon a Tart, and a church.


We went nuts taking pictures without talking to each other for an hour in the streets outside of Jean Claude. It was the middle of December. When we finally sat down in Jean Claude with wine and bread, the inviting ambiance made it all worth while. The restaurant was very Parisian in style, with candle lights, tall glasses, and mirrors that wrap around the walls with today’s special written all over them. The only thing out of place was tall bottles of sea salt placed on each table. They must be really particular about the brand or something. As far as I was concerned, everything else vanished when my dinner arrived, a stingray steak more tender than a baby’s skin. It was absolutely delicious. I regret that I forgot to take a photo of it. I forgot to pay attention to the restaurant quickly filled up with Friday night enthusiastic patrons within the matter of half an hour of opening. It was that good.

After dinner, we meandered through the neighborhoods of SoHo and Little Italy. Got gelato, bargained with fake purse and perfume vendors, and took some more pictures. I fell more and more in love with NYC. I love the fact that my new Manfrotto didn’t let the night or the cold stop me from enjoying taking pictures of the city. (To be continued…)

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