Every woman should be loved and receive tokens of love, whether on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year. With that said, I despise people who laugh at women that buy themselves roses on Valentine’s Day. I, for example, would buy flowers for myself regularly. I don’t buy roses often because their prices are over inflated like diamonds. However, I do appreciate them very much when they were delivered to my door as tokens of love. I count my blessings for getting roses every year on Valentine’s Day.

A woman is most beautiful when she’s loved, whether by a man or by herself. I believe in romance but I don’t believe in fairy tale. I believe there is a prince on a white horse but he is not for me. I believe the guy next and near to my heart doesn’t have to be perfect but someone who chooses to love me as I do him. I believe that one day my promise to myself will come true: to love and be loved by a man who cherishes togetherness as much as I do.


Celebrate love, for the hearts that bleed roses red. Celebrate love, for without it, we know not what fear is nor bravery. Celebrate love, for it brightens the days and lifts the spirits.

This entry was posted by Maya.

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