painfully indecisive


I like knowing exactly what I want and get what I want. But of course life is not that simple. The toughest part is often not getting what you want (if what you want is not outrageously unrealistic) but deciding what you want.

I hate being indecisive. Wear a black sweater or a red one? Pants or a skirt? Sushi or Italian? Being indecisive causes most of the pains so I try to avoid it. Or I forget about the fact that I have a choice and just choose one randomly. It often works out quite well.

However, recently, I’ve been torn to the point of being depressed by a very simple choice I couldn’t make: Crate & Barrel vs Ikea desk. The urgent need of a desk to work on my thesis at home adds pressure to the decision. When making decisions like this, one goes through a matrix of decision variables: cost, style, size, transportation availability, practicality, etc. I tried to create the decision tree in my head but I inevitable ended up with the choice that would make me less happy. … Aha… there is the struggle between what I want and what I think I want. My head is spinning after a whole weekend of struggling with the choice and not getting anywhere.


I give up and I’m working out of Murky Coffee. After several miserable attempts of exploring DC coffee scene, I have decided to not ever buy coffee anywhere else except for Murky. The place is “like a dump” according to some yelpers. It reminds me of some places around the U district in Seattle but then in retrospect, most places around the U have gone through a total make over in the last few years. But I am going to prioritize the taste over appearances. Murky is almost always packed. Like the other coffee shops I’ve reviewed in the past, this one also its own color: warm yellow with black accent. The coffee is quite good except they are too big. A small size drink is my version of grande. It took quite a few trips to learn that you can get the standard 8oz by ordering the classic, but not for to go. The coffee is over priced but reasonable according to the supply and demand curve. At least they use espresso from Counter Culture and taste quite good.

Murky’s baristas go through rigorous training before they actually work in the shop. Each one knows how to pour a decent latte art… well except for tonight, they looked at me funny when I ordered a skim latte in an 8oz cup. The latte art looked degenerate. Now I appreciate the baristas at Cafe Vivace so much more… they could pour a tight knit latte art even in a 6oz cafe nico. They are the true masters.

Pierre came here with me a few weeks ago when he visited DC. He approved the place. It was a full house as usual but we found a little table next to a window in the corder. I caught him staring out the window with his camera. It’s not a great picture because the focus is bad. But yet again, I’d never get him to pose like that for me. It was peaceful, as always with the rock of my life.

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