rusted love


Home sweet home… There is nothing better than going home, even when the weather was overcast. The air smelled clean and fragrant of coffee and fresh croissant. Seeing my parents and friends brought back so much of that fuzzy warm feeling I have been missing. They reminded me of how much more fun I had, how much more I used to laugh, how colorful and relaxing life was as a grad student, how much I missed being connected with people that understand you. Driving in the streets made me happy. Drinking beer at Brouwer’s made me happy. Having coffee at Cafe Vivace made me happy. Shooting photos of Seattle made me happy.

IMG_6242 IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6239.JPG IMG_6265.JPG IMG_6254.JPG

The destination was some random pier in the Ballard shipyard. One would expect a depressing disarray of mess but surprisingly, there was order and pattern, and cheerful bright colors painted on the machinery disguising the menacing giants. There was an abundance of modern art and a sense of love for life. I decided to shoot on the theme of rust. I like the color, patterns, and texture of rust, showing the glory of battling with weather.

IMG_6270 IMG_6271.JPG IMG_6272.JPG IMG_6280.JPG IMG_6283.JPG

These aren’t the best rust pictures, nor the best ones I’ve taken, but for some strange reasons, it was one of the most satisfying photo trips. The joy of photography is in finding beauty, even in unlikely things. I kept most of the pictures and never got tired of looking at them over and over again. I tried to pick out the best to show in my blog, but I couldn’t.

Like any other day, we celebrate love today.


Red like a fire
The color of love

Rusted love
Sealed in a lock
Unturned, weathered

The key holder hesitates
The lock may never open

There is no mystery beyond
An adventure awaits
In the act of unlocking the heart

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