On the page: “Life is about becoming more than we are.” –Oprah Winphrey

Bloom is the second book that Clarie designed at Compendium, after Friendship. She drew all the flowers in this book freehand, … with her left hand in fact. She found that her right hand drew too perfectly and she wanted something more free-spirited. I thought perhaps my lensbaby is more suitable for the project, giving the book a sense of lightness and romantic quality. Just soft room lighting against a dark table top. The results are sweet, when I can place the “sweet spot” of the lens on the right spot of the page.

One of the most frustrating thing about living in a new city is to get lost when you have to get somewhere on time. One of the funnest things to do in a new city is to get lost and discover something interesting. The former is not entirely too bad when it’s coupled with the latter. Last week, I went down a route I wasn’t familiar with on my way to work. As I was looking around for street signs at a light stop, I saw a place called the “Dance Factory.” I thought, that’s a really cheesy name for a night club. The Dance Factory is, after a quick search online, a ballroom dance studio. Despite the shabby exterior, it picked my curiosity nonetheless.

I normally wouldn’t have gone to a dance unless I was referred by a friend or accompanied by a friend. I decided to check out the place by myself over the weekend. I wasn’t sure if I’d have fun considering I’m rusty in both swing and salsa, the dance party is a combination of all dance styles. Intimidating at first for sure, not about dancing but about the social aspect. I’ve always been really nervous in social dance settings growing up. I thought that guys would never want to ask me to dance when I was little. And they almost never did. :(

So anyways, it turned out to be completely different than I had expected. I took a 30 min intro to quicksteps and then was introduced to an older gentleman. He taught me a bunch of steps. And then he introduced me to know more people. As I danced with more people, I learned more styles. The dance hall was spacious and airy. I ended up dancing until my legs were sore for four hours, almost non-stop. At the end of the night, I learned a little bit of waltz, foxtrot, salsa on 2, west coast swing, tango, quick steps, and rumba. I discovered that I love how foxtrot feels, slow-slow-quick-quick. More amazingly, I met people who genuinely love dancing.


I think I am beginning to find where I belong in the city. Did I mention 30 is when a woman blooms?!

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2 thoughts on “slow–slow–quick-quick

  1. Oh hey, guess what! You’d be proud of me. I did bring my pepper spray with me that night. The dance party was like a dance studio open rather than a club party so I never had it whip it out. I tend to take it with me on first dates, first time to a new place, etc. I should really have it with me all the time though.

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