The Beginning of an Enchanted Century

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My group lead’s wife has the same birthday as me. He lamented the usual annual celebrations of wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day in addition to all the holidays. He’s running out of gift ideas to “please” his wife. I suggested that he create traditions so there is no need to keep coming up with ideas, but variations of a theme. For example, every year for Valentine’s Day, he can take his wife to see a romantic ballet given she was a professional dancer. Not to mention the local ballet company dances different shows each year, he can take her to see the NYC ballet instead of the Washington Ballet. See a Broadway show instead of a ballet. For the real surprise, take her to a dance ball for a change.

Well, unbeknown to me, my friend Scott has done exactly that. The picture is this years variation on the theme of “Happy Birthday, Hao.” Here’s last year’s, and then the year before. It just keeps getting more and more fun. Of course, I forget to tell my group lead that I’m also easy to please. A picture note like that makes me jump up and down. So you can probably imagine me crying tears of joy when bf sends me a bible on Photoshop completely unexpected.

I love birthdays the most out of all the holidays and special occasions. It’s a celebration of a miracle. Celebration of a birthday is the celebration of the existence of life. Despite of being 3000 miles away from home, I’m celebrating my birthday this year for a week, or more. :) It started last weekend with La Bayadere danced by the famous Marinsky, or the Kirov, at the Kennedy Center. It was fantastic. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life! I almost cried… The Kirov Ballet dancers held the most perfect combination of grace, beauty, physicality, technique, and emotions on stage. The night was magical.


Because of the move to DC, I hadn’t expected anything for this birthday. But good things always happen when you least expect them. A coworker actually remembered it, brought me a card and went to dinner with me that night. Not only do surprising birthday wishes keep rolling in, surprises presents as well. Saturday morning, I finally had time to sit down to enjoy the presents with my breakfast. (It was like a make up for the Christmas I missed this year.) They were perfect presents from people that really knew what I like. Just when I thought I’ve finished them, I found a vase of fresh flowers at my door step. It just never ends!!! I felt my eyes tearing up. (I still don’t understand why people cry when they are overjoyed, but they do.)

The celebration is not over yet. My first birthday present for myself was an extra hour of sleep on the 30th. The real present is a trip home to Seattle. It’ll be Chinese New Year! Will be good to be home again. I can’t wait! :D

The 30th birthday is the beginning of an enchanted century. I can still remember trotting around home in my mom’s over sized pumps, skirts that sweep the floor when I was 5. I fancied growing up, going to college, going to work like an adult. And now, when I trot out in my own pumps and skirt in the morning for work, I secretly grin at those childhood memories. It feels like a game, a dream that came true. It’s fun. Well, the best part is to get to play this adult’s game in an adult’s world and still look like I’m only 24. HURRAYYY!!

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