1am EST January 30, 2008, I am now officially 30. It’s most imperative that I write this blog now, to mark the moment in history, to share the sparks of fireworks in me with the rest of the world.

I was born in a very tiny town with no more than 5000 people in the coldest month of the year, when the winter plums bloom in the snow. Looking back from now to the beginning of it all, I had a great life. I was more like a green house orchid in comparison. Thanks to mom and dad for taking great care of me.

So what is the big deal about turning 30? My mom and best friend told me that a woman loses her marriageability as she turns 30. Bf says it’s all downhill from here. I don’t believe any of that. Years of being in school made me feel like a late bloomer in life. So much of me still remains ~24. Perhaps I do relate to the winter plums in my free spirit and stubbornness.

If I had just opened my eyes to the world at 20, I have just learned to walk without falling too badly at 30. I just figured out that one of the most important things in life is love. Love for family and friends. Love for life and humanity. (I know it sounds cheesy, but this is how I feel.) Love has lifted me up in times of despair, inspired me when all seemed to fail. The ability to love someone and life in general, yes I am talking about the act of love, is the fountainhead of happiness and purpose in life. The reward is best bidirectional.

At this special moment, despite of living in a new city on my own feeling a bit lonely, my heart is warmed by the love of my friends from across the land and sea. The token of love came in all forms: a fanciful night of the Kirov Ballet at the beautiful Kennedy Center with bf, inspiring text messages (historical record of 3 pages long sent twice), email wishes, FaceBook wall posts (esp the one that got sent to EVERYONE), gifts, eCards, … It didn’t matter what form they came in, or I couldn’t be amongst them physically, the thoughts spoke loud and clear. I feel like a piece of shining jewel. So with that, I’d like to thank my friends for celebrating with me, early might I emphasize, my 30th birthday.


Oh almost forgot about birthday wishes: world peace. haha… May my life continue to be filled with love and happiness. May that be shared amongst my dear friends and family. I wish my 30th year to be productive and focused in my career; be creative and inspired in my photography and dancing; be healthy and injury free; and lastly, continue to build strong and joyous relationships.

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2 thoughts on “celebrate

  1. Are those pics from the kennedy center? Some reason from far away I thought they were a kimono print. Glad you had a good bday – yay for the start of a new decade in your life!

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